Episode 162

Barbara Phillips on the Faith Marketplace Podcast!


March 25th, 2023

48 mins 34 secs

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About this Episode

Barbara is an Economics Program Manager for Google Inc. - She started "IBN" - Google's Inter Belief Network - which is an employee resource group (ERG) that provides a voice to Googlers religious or belief-related communities. Her mission aims to promote a diversity of beliefs, compassion, and mutual respect for all people at Google and in their products through service, education, and mindfulness to build a peaceful and knowledgeable world.

There are 10,000 Google members total, 4,000 specifically in the Christian community. Barbara gives praise for every miracle she's seen at Google, for every testimony of God moving, she sees it everyday!

Here are 3 takeways you can expect to hear Barbara talk about Saturday on the Faith Marketplace Podcast! Connect with Barbara on Social Media & learn more about what she does:

1) Do not fear.
2) Agape love.
3) It is finished.