Episode 35

Jen Hickle And Victoria Helle - November 30, 2019


December 2nd, 2019

46 mins 1 sec

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About this Episode

Our special guests for this podcast are Jen Hickle and Victoria Helle.

Jen Hickle is owner of Rogers School of Music, outside of Minneapolis, MN. Jen grew her business from teaching in her mom’s living room to having a space where over 500 students come for lessons each week! She learned how to leverage online marketing: Google and Facebook, so she could grow her business while homeschooling her 4 kids. Now she runs a consulting company and coaching program, Never Alone Business Services to support other local business owners with their online marketing systems.

Victoria Helle is a health coach who loves to help others achieve a sense of peace. After six years of school, Victoria felt the medical path didn't feel right for her, because she had a vision of health that was more holistic. As a ten year sand volleyball coach, she knew that coaching others was her passion, so she launched Be Victorious Coaching. In fact, she's worked with a variety of clients including coaching professional race car drivers to NHRA world championships.

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